About Haven


Our Story

Haven Skis was created due to a fierce love for skiing and hanging out in nature’s vast playground. Skiing has been a part of my life for over three decades and I feel it is a portal that strengthens our connection as humans to the natural world. This endeavor is an extension of that mindset. We did not set out with the goal to compete with the biggest ski companies. The goal is to develop collaborations with our customers through a shared love for a sport that has given us so much and to return that in kind through products that reflect the passion and character of our riders.

Every pair we make is one of a kind.  What’s the point of that?  Well, there’s a lot of skis and ski manufacturers out there.  Some really great stuff actually and you have plenty to choose from.  Haven skis are designed to not only meet your demanding performance expectations, but be your dependable friend on the mountain and feel like your most comfortable (is that thing for skis?) pair of old jeans.   Our goal is to give you that fantastic ride using the highest quality materials but to also allow you to have something that is uniquely you.  Something that lasts and that you’ll want to ride every season then keep long after you’re done riding.  Put ’em on the wall and reminisce on every scratch (or sand and refinish them to look like new!)

When you’re ready, reach out to us and find your haven too.  Happy Riding!

-Brian Riccatone/Owner