Our mission

Our mission is to create high performance works of art that offer an unparalleled ski experience while reflecting your personal encounter with nature and the mountain environment.  We utilize the best materials to handcraft our skis one pair at a time.  This means that our hands and eyes are on each step of the process to ensure lasting quality.

Limited Edition Skis

21m radius @188cm
3mm camber or 0 camber/early-rise                      Available in 188cm, 174cm, and 160cm 

$900 (Base model starting price)

The forest fell silent with the last push of the wind.  Carving through the freeway of the many that came before.  There it was….an opening through towering giants rarely spotted and even less travelled.  A chance taken…a reward earned.  These looming gatekeepers had secrets.  Deep fields and ample opportunities lay ahead.  The forest would give its all that day.

“They blast through the chop with ease and are extremely stable even at high speed.  I really love how much of a big mountain ski they are!  Really come alive at 35+mph.”                                                                                – Peder W,   


22.5m radius @188cm
3mm camber or 0 camber/early-rise Available in 188cm, 174cm, and 160cm

$900 (Base model starting price)

With exuberant breaths, the enlightened one looked back with glittering eyes that could tell a thousand tales.  But, that would be for another time.  At this moment, thoughts were few.  Everything had faded and the connection to the chasmic depths that were just plundered reigned supreme.

20.5m radius @190cm
3mm camber – Available in 190cm, 176cm, and 162cm

$900 (Base model starting price)

This one. This one they said was Wiley. Bit of a shapeshifter that made its way through the crowds ducking in and out of the occasional frozen watering hole. Got a little big for its britches one day and ended up careening off the edge of a gulch. Pulled through it like a champ though, the overconfident SOB.

“These skis rip!  Had good float in the deep stuff and some carves in the groomers.   They are awesome!”           -Zach C.    


Haven Skis was created due to a fierce love for skiing and enjoying nature’s vast playground.